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Information Portal about Ukraine and Ukrainian women

The Ukrainian brides.

More and more Ukrainian brides are aspire to marry the foreigners.

The Ukrainian sociologists mark considerable growth of quantity of the wishing to leave Ukraine for the other countries of Europe and the USA. According to the Ukrainian magazine "Correspondent" thousand Ukraine brides annually leave the country to the West together with husbands-foreigners, writes weekly. Only for the last four years it is registered almost 19 thousand marriages with foreigners, but if to account the marriages issued outside of Ukraine or the unions without registration, this number will increase greatly. According to the interrogations Americans about 40 have a great success among Ukrainian women. More than 30% of Ukrainian brides are ready to marry anybody just for realizing their dream to leave the country.

Why do the western men "hunt" for the Ukrainian brides? Why do the Ukrainian women so strongly differ from the women living in more safe countries? What the foreigners are ready to spend a considerable sum of money to marry Ukrainian girl?

Some of them come to Ukraine several times. The general opinion of the western men: beautiful Ukrainian girls are kinder, more careful, and they are good wives. According to the men’s point of view western women are too materialistic and spoilt. In some cases it is the truth. The Ukrainian brides look better, more fashionably and more tidy, seem kinder. The most important thing for Men in the West is the external appeal and sexuality of the Ukrainian brides. They are not interested in women’s income.

There is no certain kind of the Russian or Ukrainian Women who goes abroad. Opinion, that abroad go only ugly women or broken by a life lady, very widespread, but they are erroneous. The reason - that the greatest part of Ukrainian girls searches for the good future for itself and for future children. They wish to live and raise their children in quiet and usual conditions, not worrying about their own future and the future of their children.

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By Oleg Georgievskiy, Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

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